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Our Mission

Corporate Governance is a new field of endeavour in Asia and hence our mission includes :

To inform and educate businesses, governments, schools, and all entities interested on issues and developments concerning ESG, Sustainability and Investor Relations in this dynamic region.

To accomplish this mission Corporate Governance Asia:

* Publishes a quarterly journal of the same name which includes: features, interviews, analysis, opinions, corporate notes, book reviews, events, and other items designed to inform readers on corporate governance and related matters.

* Conducts research on issues and developments related to corporate governance. Such research are designed to expand and deepen the level of knowledge on corporate governance in Asian countries with the ultimate objective of generating a model/models for corporate governance that is unique to the Asian corporate/business setting.

Conducts and organizes seminars/conferences designed to generate interest and facilitate the exchange of ideals and expertise among corporate governance practitioners, personalities and entities. The goal is educate and create knowledge on corporate governance in Asia.

To analyze and critique existing and proposed corporate governance policies, rules and regulations as they develop. The goal is to help refine such policies, rules and regulations in order to make them appropriate for Asian corporate / business situation. To accomplish this mission Corporate Governance Asia ;

Produces analytical stories on corporate governance-related policies, rules, regulations, and similar items;

Writes reviews of corporate governance-related literature  with the objective of seeking lessons, cases, and examples that can be applied to the Asian setting; and Writes regular special reports designed to evaluate on-going developments and issues related to corporate governance in Asian countries.

To increase awareness and consciousness of the value/importance of corporate governance in all levels of Asian the business community. The goal is to enhance and raise  the standards of Asian corporate governance to the highest levels.

To accomplish this mission Corporate Governance Asia :

Provides logistical expertise and assistance to organisations, associations, and special interest groups engaged in (or who want to engage in) corporate governance or related  areas; and Provides expertise in the advocacy of corporate governance issues and related matters.


企業管治是全亞洲的努力發展目標;因 此,我們的使命包括:

• 為企業、政府、學校,以至這一充滿活 力的地區內所有對企業管治相關問題 和發展有興趣的實體,提供資訊和教 育材料。

• 出版同名季刊,內容包括: 特輯、訪 談、分析、評論、企業觀察、書評、事件和其它旨在告知讀者企業管治和 相關問題的項目。

• 對企業管治相關的問題和發展進行研 究。這種研究的目的,是為了拓展和加 深對於亞洲國家企業管治的知識水平,其最終目的是為生成一個亞洲企業/ 商業環境獨有的企業管治模式。

• 舉行和組織旨在激發企業管治工作者、人員和實體的興趣,促進意見和專知交 流的研討會/ 會議。其目標是在亞洲教 育和創造企業管治的知識。
分析和批判現有和提議的企業管治政 策、規定和監管措施。目標是幫助優化
這些政策、規定和監管措施以便使其 能夠適用於亞洲企業/ 商業環境。


• 提供企業管治相關政策、規定、監管措 施和類似項目的分析性案例以獲取可 以應用於亞洲環境的經驗教訓、案例 和例子為目的,撰寫企業管治相關書籍 的評論; 撰寫評估亞洲國家與企業管 治相關的持續發展和問題的定期特別 報告。

提高亞洲商業界各個層面對於企業管 治的價值/ 重要性的認識和認知。目標是將亞洲的企業管治標準加強和提升 至最高水平。

• 為組織、協會和參與企業管治或相關 領域的特殊利益群體(或希望參與)提 供後勤專知和協助; 並提供倡導企業 管治問題和相關事宜的專知。

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